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Member Spotlight: Asantewaa Boykin

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Meet Asantewaa Boykin co-founder of the Anti Police Terror Project.

What does social justice mean to you? For me social justice means every human being has the right and room to be self determined.

Asentewaa Boykin

In my wildest dream, I imagine a world without police, prisons or money. I hope before I leave this world at least one of these things will come to pass.

Why are you involved in the fight for social justice?

I have a mother, who had a mother, who also had a mother, whose grandmother was a slave. Over the years, I've come to understand that I actually don't have a choice. I owe it to them, myself and our children to fight.

What’s your go to for when you need a little mood booster?

I love music. I have a playlist called “Black Girl S&*!”. Anytime the world is feeling a little heavy I let my homies: Rapsody, Erykah, Jamila and Nokia take it all away. Wine and whiskey is also a thing but only on the days that end with a “Y”.

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