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This week's spotlight: Joshua Harrop!

Joshua Harrop is a Sac State Political Science student who is going to graduate in the Spring of 2023. He has started his work in activism with SJPC and wants to work to change conditions for marginalized communities, and to advance real social justice change within Sacramento County and California.

What does social justice mean to you?

For me, social justice is the pursuit of equality through systemic change for marginalized communities. Social justice is not just about reforming our society, it is about transforming it into something that is equitable for all human beings. Our conditions for life should not simply be sufficient for everyone - they should be constructed to afford everyone the same privileges.

Why are you involved in social justice?

I’ve become involved in social justice as a response and a call to action from my education, and from the lived experiences of those around me. I have been affected by and have loved ones who have been wronged by these issues that ultimately affect a larger group of people than many could ever imagine. At this point in my life, I

am well equipped to tackle social justice issues head-on by helping others to address them directly and by spreading information about local issues. If I have the ability, I want to be part of directly changing our society to radically improve the lives of marginalized voices in our community.

How do you self care to keep fighting for social justice?

It is entirely important for anyone to take care of themselves in this line of work. For myself, I find that creative activities such as making and playing music help me to unwind the most. Being able to also pour my passion into this helps my work-life balance tremendously, and keeps me feeling refreshed and looking forward to continuing my work.

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