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Is Sacramento Working For You?

A Community Survey Evaluating Sacramento’s Local Government

Our community survey will be live through December of 2024 and results will be used to create a report card evaluating the accessibility, transparency, and accountability of the Sacramento City and County governments and elected officials!
Survey can also be accessed by following this link:
Social Justice PolitiCorps (SJPC) envisions a Sacramento where all political decisions
are made through a social justice lens.
We define social justice as a redistribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges to those who have not historically benefited from such investments so that we can all do well.
We are using this survey to grade the Sacramento City and Sacramento County governments on how well they are upholding the social justice values of
Completing this survey will enable you to tell us about your experience interacting with your local government, and about how accessible, transparent, and accountable, government processes
and decision-making have OR have NOT been for you!
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