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by Kula Koenig (she/her)

I don't want to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off every time something pops off in local government: Show up en masse, get loud, get angry, while the electeds ride out our anger knowing we'll tire soon and they can get back to their business.


I'm reminded that one local elected said that we, progressive, social justice gangsters, are all bark and no bite. That stung.  Because I know we care about holding these people accountable for fighting for the least of these.  I also know that we are busy, the meeting times be hella inconvenient for working peeps (i.e. Board of Sups), and it's not always straight forward how to even be involved once you go to a meeting. 


So that's how Social Justice PolitiCorps came about. I was trying to figure out how we could crowdsource political information as it relates to social justice and disseminate that in an accessible manner so we can be proactive instead of reactive. Things will change for the better when more of us are in the know of what's happening with our local government on a consistent basis--when we can be involved and (gasp) collaborate with our government in the crafting of policies that can bring about social justice. 


So here it is...a work in progress but with all your help I believe we can make SJPC into something that puts knowledge and power back into the hands of many versus the few.  

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