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Spotlight: Tifanei Moyer

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Professionally, Tifanei Moyer is the Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Fellow at the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area. In her heart and in her actions, Tifanei is proud Sacramento activist, founding member of Decarcerate Sacramento, and ardent supporter of coalitions, projects, and groups, including Anti Police-Terror Project, Black Justice Sacramento, and the Sacramento Anti-Repression Committee.

In between leading LCCRSF's work in policing and police brutality, protecting free speech, protesting, and access to mental health care; and balancing a busy schedule of activism, Tifanei took a few moments to help us understand and be inspired by her "why."

What does 'social justice' mean to you?

Social justice, for me, is a circumstance where power is transferred to Black and Indigenous people out of the hands of oppressive leadership and institutions. And in all circumstances where Black joy reigns.

Why are you involved in social justice work?

I am involved with social justice, because I believe it is a sustainable path toward Black liberation.

How do you self-care to keep fighting for social justice?

I have a number of self-care rituals and strategies, many of them involve music, deep breathing, and immersion in nature. Essential to my self-care, and also within my longterm vision of our futures, is building community in love, and of course, more joy.

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