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Weather hazards and a lawsuit - the fight to keep our unhoused community safe

Thank you to Crystal Sanchez (pictured below), President of the Sacramento Homeless Union, for sharing this important update with us!

On June 24, 2022 a lawsuit was filed in the United States Court Eastern District of California on behalf of Sacramento's unhoused by the Sacramento homeless Union, a local chapter of the California Homeless Union Statewide Organizing Council, on behalf of itself and those it represents: Betty Rios, Donta Williams, Falisha Scott, and all those similarly situated. The lawsuit was filed seeking a temporary restraining order and the mandatory injunction to prevent life-threatening heat related harm to members of the Sacramento homeless community. Just two days later on June 28, 2022 the 2022 point in time (PIT) count was released.

PIT page is linked here.

Image from PIT outreach - pulled from Sac Steps Forward page

Although the point in time count often reads grossly low due to volunteer capacity and lack of ability to actually count all unhoused people, the results were still a devastating blow to what we already knew: that homelessness has increased in Sacramento.

Before we go into the lawsuit and the inequities experienced by those living without a roof, let's review a few statistics:

  • Homelessness increased 67% in Sacramento County since 2019

  • There was a 72% increase in individuals counted, a 15% increase in families with children counted and a 5% youth increase

  • The unsheltered results show 30% of the unhoused counted live in tents, 22% live in another option, and 19% live in vehicles. While homelessness in the sheltering system was 28% which included 12% in emergency shelter, 9% in hotels or motel programs, and 7% in transitional living

It has now been reported that we have more homelessness then San Francisco.