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The Sheriff Department Cannot Be Our Piggy Bank

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Call into the BOS meeting (916) 875-2500) on 12/16 at 10AM and tell them so

"Law enforcement should not be acting as the piggy bank for the County, especially not without a clear contract in which they indicate how the funds will be returned/redistributed." - Peoples Budget Sacramento

We're being held hostage. But, public health needs the funds and the Sheriff is the only office (so they say) that can get the general fund dollars and swap it back to Public Health or the money goes back to the Federal government. Tough pill to swallow yall.

Here's an excerpt from a People's Budget coalition letter "We understand the County Executive Office’s concern that these funds will need to be returned to the federal government if they are not expended by December 31st, and that their recommendation is to 'temporarily' allocate the funds to the Sheriff and/or Probation to avoid losing them altogether. However, given the severe and escalating health and economic crisis Sacramentans are facing, we implore you to explore a more creative and responsible solution that does not involve any temporary holding of funds by law enforcement, and especially the Sheriff’s Department."

Well said. Read more on the agenda item here.


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