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Side-eye of the Self-Righteous, P. 1 on Darrell Steinberg

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

(Part 2 in our 2/15 publication on Phil Serna.)

Social justice activists can do without the self-righteousness recently displayed by Mayor Darrell Steinberg & Supervisor Phil Serna. We can do without it because when it comes down to making bold policies that actually address the issues they are so indignant about, they don't do it. Case and point:

Mayor Darrell Steinberg

1. Opposes rent control initiative Measure C in 2020. Like hard core opposes it. That 78K from Measure C opponents probably helped.

Measure C would have made existing housing more affordable by limiting rent increases and greatly increasing the long-term affordability of existing housing.

2. Throws a tantrum at the end of last weeks City Council meeting because "I don't want to have any more fights about how the police are acting or not acting. I'm fricking sick of it! All of you! ...Until we get people in doors... nothing is going to change....It shouldn't take 60 days. There is a huge storm out here. People are going to die tonight and it's just business as usual. We can't get a god damn shelter, we can't get a goddamn warming center open... I'm sick of this! Stop talking about anything but what it's going to take to bring more people inside in larger numbers. That's the only thing that matters. Nothing else matters. None of it. I don't want to waste anymore time looking at this video "did a cop say this, did a cop say that...there's only one way to provide relief--which is to provide people indoors in massive numbers"

Video of said tantrum:

3. All this energy and for what, Darrell? You ain't doing nothing to make real rent control happen for people in the City of Sacramento. Boy. Byeee.

5. All joking aside, it evokes anger and rage when politicians sit up there and scream in indignant outrage, but nothing real meaningful gets done. So, Let's call it out whenever we see it. Like this caller did.

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