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Sac BOS and a lack of accountability

On 4/27/22 the Sacramento BOS responded (item 2) to a report from the Sacramento County Grand Jury that laid out all the ways the County mismanaged it's Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding.

See text from the report below:

So what did the Board have to say for itself??

Supervisors were responding to an internal audit that was undertaken as a response to the aforementioned Grand Jury indictment. Supervisor comments on this issue were minimal, and had no real substance. They basically just asked procedural questions about the audit, and about how the County response was compiled.


They walked away from the meeting without taking ANY responsibility for their actions. Pretty much a slap in the face for everyone who advocated and took action around this obscene mismanagement of funding that was supposed to provide relief to a community devastated by an actual PANDEMIC and INSTEAD funneled even more money into our bloated law enforcement system??!!

Luckily, we had a few amazing comments from our community that laid out exactly what the County did wrong.

*if you're wondering what Kula means when she talks about the County contracting with a firm based in Florida, check out our article on the matter by clicking here


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