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New regulations at NUSD

Thank you to Krystal King for the detailed notes!

At the Natomas Unified School District meeting on 4/28/21, the first reading of Administration Regulation (AR) 0100 was completed.

This regulation, titled “Theory of Action for Student Success”, is meant to “...create an environment where students feel more empowered and less marginalized", according to Superintendent Chris Evans.

Overall, the goal of this regulation seems to be to ensure that there is a diverse and qualified staff across NUSD - at least while funding is available. More importantly, a professional development plan will be created by September 15th, 2022 which includes planning for the implementation of: restorative practices, trauma-informed practices, positive behavior intervention and supports (or related site-programs), as well as culturally responsive instructional practices and classroom management practices over the next three years.

Additionally, this first draft includes a declaration that there will be systematic access available to students for things like mental health and academic supports that are “necessary to eliminate educational barriers” and achieve academic success. The first draft also notes that parents will be informed of, and have opportunities to engage along with students in the development and implementation of these practices, and that their input will be the major driving force behind changes made.

Several teachers made public comment, all sharing the same sentiment, calling the Theory of Action a “moral responsibility” and saying that it is “honoring students’ cultural capital”.

AR 0100 is significant because it outlines how teachers, staff, and caregivers can interact, respond, and educate children through an equity lens. Next steps for the Board include a second reading of the Theory of Action on 5/12/21, which will lead to its implementation as school district law.

As such, we urge community members to share your feedback regarding this matter with NUSD Constituents Services. They can be reached by phone at (916) 561-5253 or by email at by May 3, 2021.

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