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Events, Alerts, and Opportunities - October 2022!

Community alerts!

Timothy Lutz has been appointed as Sacramento County's Director of Health Services - read the County press release here

A note from SJPC - the County had an opportunity here to instead hire an extremely qualified Black doctor with tons of professional & lived experience, but they went with the white guy with a Master's in business as usual


Action Alerts!

A message from our friends at Decarcerate Sacramento:

"Join Decarcerate Sacramento and hundreds of other community members on Dec 7th at 2pm as we stop an upcoming jail expansion here in Sacramento. We are going to need all hands on deck to say a mental health jail is not how we meaningfully invest in our Sacramento community, and that folx who suffer from severe mental health crisis should not be treated inside the jail!!! In fact demand reinvestment in the services and facilities needed to prevent someone going through a crisis from ever ending up there in the first place."

Follow Decarcerate Sac's instagram - linked here - for updates, and as always, SJPC will continue to keep you informed!

Sign the no new jail petition here!

Helpful cheat-sheet below!


The City of Sacramento is asking for comments on the preliminary public review drafts of the Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Chapter 7: Adaptation of the CAAP.

You should send comments to

At the CAAP City page - linked here - (where the above screenshot is pulled from) you can find the CAAP public review drafts, resources, and related meetings/events.


Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area is looking for documentation of unhoused settlement violations - they are the lawyers that sued CalTrans over sweeps and taking homeless peoples belongings in the bay area and won- they are in the enforcement stage now and she is looking to collect data on the settlement violations- so if you have documentation- please contact Hadley asap

also- here is link to their form that our unhoused neighbors can fill out- so please distribute widely


Aaaaaaand finally, sign up to attend one or more


Exercise your political power and attend a public meeting in our community. Remember you can watch the recordings if you do not have time to watch live. Do you plan on attending any of these meetings? If so, let us know.

You can find all meetings on SJPC's calendar linked here.

Sacramento City Council

11/29/22 @ 5p

12/6/22 @ 5p

12/13/22 @ 2p & 5p

Sacramento County Board of Supervisors

12/6/22 @ 9:30a

12/7/22 @ 2p

12/13/22 @ 9:30a

12/14/22 @ 2p

To sign up to attend a meeting CLICK HERE!

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