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Events, Alerts, and Opportunities - July 2022!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Community Call-Outs:

Catch up on the horrifying treatment of one of Sacramento County's Mental Health Board members.

We as a community will continue to advocate for justice in the face of the gaslighting, abuse, and a total lack of appropriate response from County staff and Supervisors.

Read a piece on this issue from the Sacramento Bee here

And one from the Davis Vanguard

Aaand one more from Newsbreak!

We're happy to see this fantastic media coverage! Big shoutout to all these journalists!


In the ongoing saga of Sac City Councilmember Loloee's residency we're bringing you links to a series of news articles dating back to June of 2021 documenting the long history of community members' awareness of his dishonesty and an unwillingness to respond on the part of the City.

At this point the City's official investigation is still taking place, stay tuned for updates!

You can find some key articles below:

June 2022: CBS News article


Community alerts!

The Sacramento City Council is going back to in-person meetings on August 16th, according to this Sacramento City News article - if you prefer to get involved with meetings in person, get in there and make some noise!


Promising update from our friends at the Sacramento Homeless Union (SHU):

Regarding their lawsuit filed 06/24/2022 on behalf of the Unhoused Community - on July 28th, 2022, the Honorable United States District Judge Troy Nunley granted the request of the Sacramento Homeless union!

From the press release:

"Lawsuit Conclusion: ...[the] Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction is GRANTED with respect to Plaintiffs’ request to temporarily enjoin the City and all of its officers, agents, servants, employees, attorneys, and all persons under their direction and control, from clearing encampments belonging to the unhoused."

The takeaway? The Court has agreed to temporarily halt City sweeps, BUT the fact remains that the unhoused community is STILL horribly neglected and underserved by the City. We have to keep pushing, as always. Keep up with the SHU by following them on Facebook.


Action Alerts!

Apply to be on the advisory committee for the Public Safety and Justice Agency (PSJA)

The PSJA is forming a citizen advisory committee, you can find the printable application form here, and you can find more on the PSJA's website. Although this committee does not have the teeth we wanted (read one of our articles here), it will still be important to have social-justice oriented advocates in there making noise!


Comment on a Facebook post to support Dr. Raja - if you need a reminder of Dr. Raja's journey check out our post on the issue - and if you want to show support comment on this Facebook page!


Aaaaaaand finally, sign up to attend one or more


Exercise your political power and attend a public meeting in our community. Remember you can watch the recordings if you do not have time to watch live. Do you plan on attending any of these meetings? If so, let us know.

You can find all meetings on SJPC's calendar linked here.

Sacramento City Council

8/9/22 @ 5p

8/16/22 @ 5p

8/23/22 @ 2p & 5p

8/30/22 @ 5p

Sacramento County Board of Supervisors

8/9/22 @ 9:30a

8/10/22 @ 2p

8/23/22 @ 9:30a

8/24/22 @ 6p

To sign up to attend a meeting CLICK HERE!

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