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Disregard for employee safety concerns at the BOS

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Update: more information about Ryan Harris' struggle was documented in this Newsbreak article from December 2021

At the July 13th Sacramento County Board of Supervisors meeting, there was a comment made by a County staff member named Ryan Harris. They were at the meeting because they were concerned for their safety. As seen in the clip below, they clearly felt/feel very threatened, unsafe, and unprotected by the community around them, and by the Board in particular. We hear in the clip the name Ethan Dye who is the acting director for the Department of Human Assistance (presumably Ryan's boss).

Sue Frost is dismissive and shares that they can't respond to Ryan Harris and directs them to personnel department. Props to Nottoli, for at least taking it somewhat seriously and asking about the origin of the threat. But that's all we get from the Board. The bureaucratic red tape here is completely ridiculous, why is there supposedly not a way for the Board to step in and help? This seems like a way of actively suppressing the voice of the community under the guise of government rules and regulations.

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