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Covid (still) in Jails + BOS Covid Update

During the January Board of Supervisors monthly COVID-19 Update, Supervisors had questions related to policies, marketing, and the jail. Unfortunately many of their questions went unanswered.

Some takeaways from the COVID-19 Update: - California had 6,997,710 confirmed cases and 77,521 deaths as of January 20, 2022. - The case rate is 256.6 per 100K (CA COVID-19 Dashboard) - Sacramento County, as of January 20, 2022 has had 233,945 total cases and 2,607 total deaths. The case rate is 199.9 per 100k (SCPH COVID-19 Dashboards)

- Vaccination rates in Sacramento County: 68.3% of the total population has received at least one dose and 62.6% of the population is fully vaccinated. - In Sacramento County, 74.6% of the eligible population 5+ years has received at least one dose (compared to 81.1% statewide); and 68.1% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated (compared to 72.3% statewide).

- Target from state: 75% + vaccination rate by the end of March - There are two over-the-counter and two hospital-based (IV and Injection) medications that can be used for early treatment of symptoms

Jail updates:

As of January 20, 2022, there were 168 cases in the Main Jail and 89 cases in RCCC, for a total of 257 cases. Adult Correctional Health and the Sacramento Sheriff's Office (SSO) continue to work collaboratively to implement outbreak protocols. In response to the most recent surge, additional measures have been taken including: - Early release of inmates within 90 days of release date (about 200). This policy will continue for a week and then be reassessed - Early release of inmates within 120 days of release date for those 65 years or older or with chronic health conditions

- The point-in-time vaccination rate among inmates is 30%.

Decarcerate Sacramento members called in to the BOS to point out that 80% of people inside are pre-trial (legally innocent), and to report that the Sheriff is still not enforcing state mandates to keep folx in jail safe.

County public health staff didn’t have answers to questions about the day-to-day safety practices that go on inside of jails. To answer these questions, the Sheriff's leadership staff will be invited to future COVID-19 updates.

For the first time Sue Frost seems to be very concerned about informed consent for people in jail - but only specifically around vaccination. #ironic


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