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Cannabis study at the City Council

5/31 City Council meeting

On the docket: Item 26 - Overview of the Comprehensive Cannabis Study and Policy Recommendations Regarding Ownership, Land Use, and Fiscal/Economic Issues

Meeting page linked here

Meeting Video linked here

Councilmember Schenirer, who Mayor Steinberg said led the Law and Legislation Committee’s efforts on the ‘Comprehensive Cannabis Study,’ (report linked here) made opening remarks and acknowledged the difficulty the City has had developing cannabis policy without a model out there to reference. Councilmember Schenirer said cannabis tax revenue adds up to about $25 million a year “flowing” to the City’s General Fund.

Davina Smith, Manager for the Office of Cannabis Management gave a presentation on the City Council’s Law and Legislation Committee’s Recommendations on cannabis business ownership issues, locations of cannabis businesses, and taxation. The slides can be found here.

Over a dozen callers weighed in, including multiple small local cannabis owners. Several people talked about the lasting inequities from the war on drugs and the City’s racialized enforcement of cannabis. Malaki, Director of Institute for Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Equity (Institute for MORE), called out the EPS study’s (the study was conducted by the City’s contractor, “EPS”) omission of these factors and asked for the “equity” (via license streamlining and more resources for Cannabis Opportunity Reinvestment And Equity [CORE]) that was mentioned several times in the presentation. City's CORE page linked here, slide deck with more details on the program linked here.