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Action Alert: Say No to Raising the Sheriff & DA's Contribution limits

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Cuz the District Attorney & Sheriff don't need to get any shadier

A picture speaks a 1,000 words they say so...

This issue will be heard on December 8 at the County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Here's how you can help: Call or e-mail before or on December 8 at 9:30 a.m. If you would like a text message as the item comes up so you can make live comments, e-mail us your phone number at and we will send you an alert.

Sample script:

My name is [your name], and I am a resident of [city or neighborhood]. I urge you not to adopt the Ordinance which will increase the individual contribution amounts for the DA, Sheriff, and Assessor from $5,000 to $25,000. Statewide candidates other than Governor have a contribution limit of $7,800 and Governor has a limit of $31,000. Having a countywide limit of $25,000 is ridiculously disproportionate and demonstrates abnormal preferential treatment.

In an already polarized environment, this extreme and abrupt change will introduce Dark Money into our countywide elections and significantly dampen the voice of the electorate.

With the DA, Sheriff, and Assessor being able to earn individual contributions nearly as large as the Governor, their incentive to listen to the needs of the people will be watered down, and I fear it will send us down a slippery slope in Sacramento County – where we already have problems with excessive use of force by law enforcement, a racially biased criminal justice system, and an egregious lack of affordable housing (worsening errthang we mentioned above).

You can also submit a public comment to your board of supervisors by December 8 to let them know you want to LIMIT the effects of BIG MONEY in our politics. Ask them to set the same contribution limits as other large counties at $1,500 and ensure the people’s voices are heard through voting, not contributions!

Feel free to use this email as a template and don’t forget to fill in your name at the bottom!


SUBJECT: Justice is Not For Sale

Dear Supervisor,

I am writing to you because I learned that District Attorney Schubert and Sheriff Jones want to increase the cap on individual campaign contributions to $25,000. I am asking you to reject this request for two reasons:

First, this is just TOO MUCH. This far exceeds the cap on your own limit and far exceeds caps in even larger counties. (LA County: $1,500; Orange County: $2,100; San Diego: $500; Santa Clara: $1,000; Kern County: $1,500.) It rivals the Governor’s own cap and that is a statewide position! There is simply no reason why the DA and Sheriff need to accept this much money from a single source. The limit should be set at the same contribution limits as other large counties at $1,500 and ensure the people’s voices are heard through voting, not contributions!

Second, the DA and Sheriff are the most important justice officials in the county. Justice should not be for sale. Both the DA and Sheriff have a well-documented history of accepted money from questionable sources. As you know, Sheriff Jones has accepted money from vendors and contractors who wanted to work inside the jail! Independent Expenditures require more transparency from funders and restrict candidate coordination. Raising campaign contribution limits is NOT the solution.

Our community needs to come together and heal. Allowing individual contributors to buy justice in our community is a step in the wrong direction.

Thank you,


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