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What's the SJPC Report Card?

Result translations can be found below

Resultados de la encuesta

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What to do next?? 


1. Become a member of SJPC and stay informed about local politics!  

2. Read the report and tell us what you think!  

3. Help us spread the word in your community!

So glad you asked!

The 2021 SJPC Social Justice Report Card is SJPC’s inaugural “how’d they do” evaluation of Sacramento’s local elected officials on social justice issues. The Report Card serves as one tool in our toolbox for assessing our local electeds alignment with and adherence to social justice values so that we can more easily identify those who are with us, and those who aren’t. 

Read the full report below!

You can link to our webpage listing County results by clicking here!

You can link to our webpage listing City results by clicking here!


调查结果 简体中文

問卷結果請見 繁體中文

Yuav tau txais cov txiaj ntsig ntawm qhov kev ntsuam xyuas nyob rau hmoob

Язык представления результатов опроса русский

Mga resulta ng survey sa tagalog

Kết quả khảo sát trong Tiếng Việt

نتایج نظرسنجی در فارسی

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