What's the SJPC Report Card?

How to be an

informed grader!

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Twice a month, SJPC sends newsletters covering

the latest social-justice related happenings at our

local government public meetings. The meeting items

are categorized into 9 categories:  

General Social Justice

Criminal Justice Reform

Equitable Housing

Environmental Justice 

Health Equity

Economic Investment

Participatory/Equitable Budgets


Throughout, and at the end of each year (from January to July, midterm grade, and January - September, final grade), SJPC’s volunteers collect notes about about motions, votes on motions, comments made during meetings, and other intel about local officials’ activities when they’re not at public meetings. In fall of each year we distribute a survey to the community that informs the grades we assign government officials. 

Who is being graded?
Sacramento City Council members &
Sacramento County Board of Supervisors members 

Grades are assigned to each official for each individual item, along with a summary justification for the grades. The Report Card goes through multiple layers of review and is the product of collective and collaborative discussion with social justice activists and organizations. 

What to do next?

1. Take the survey!

2. Share the survey!

3. Become a member of SJPC!

We are collecting survey responses until November 12th, after which we will be releasing the results and doing community outreach!

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Researching and Writing
So glad you asked!

The 2021 SJPC Social Justice Report Card is SJPC’s inaugural “how’d they do” evaluation of Sacramento’s local elected officials on social justice issues. The Report Card serves as one tool in our toolbox for assessing our local electeds alignment with and adherence to social justice values so that we can more easily identify those who are with us, and those who aren’t.