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Your comprehensive Recap of how the County is Spending $6.5 Billion

We detail the Good, The Bad, the Needs Improvement

Budgeting has got to be one of the more stressful times around the county. They’ve got to figure out how to balance their billions along with grants, and federal funds to make our dollars the most beneficial they can be to our communities.

A lot of great talk has been going on between the county and community orgs, and the Board of Supervisors even made a resolution that racism is a public health crisis. There are promising new programs in the Public Defender's office, and more funding going to mental health crisis teams.

...But the numbers look eerily similar to business as usual in practice.

Public Defender Steve Garretts reminded us that Black Americans are 7x more likely than whites to be incarcerated right here in Sacramento. Tiffany Synnott, Supervising Attorney with the Public Defender's Office added that 48% of the folx that come through her recently arrested doors need mental health support. Meanwhile the Sheriff stays involved in mental health crisis calls, and gets a 16 Million dollar increase while most other human assistance programs start planning for budget cuts.

Organizations like Decarcerate Sacramento, the People’s Budget Sacramento, and recently the Social Justice Now PAC are continuing to keep the heat on elected officials to keep their promise to equity and racial justice.

What We Liked In Seven Seconds

What was a no for us (also in seven seconds)

For those who need it in a Meme...

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