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What’s the Haps on that A-B-C-X-Y-Z aka Alternatives to 911 Program?

Need a reminder of what has been the ongoing process of developing an alt to 911 program? Check out our two part series on the saga:

So what's going on right now?

Here’s how to get deets on the process:

Every 3rd Friday of the month, a program implementation update gets posted to Sacramento County’s Wellness Crisis Call Center and Response Team (formerly Alternatives to 911 for Mental Health) website. Also, an update gets provided during the Mental Health Board meetings that happen on the 1st Wednesday of the month.

At the last Mental Health Board meeting on April 6, SJPC’s own Dr. Corrine (who is the Vice Chair of the Mental Health Board), gave an update on the work that the Mental Health Board’s Ad Hoc Workgroup for the WCCCRT has been doing.

According to this report, it sounds like there’s a selection committee that’s getting ready to recruit interested peeps to apply for seats on the Advisory Committee for the program.

Remember our report back in December about the specific composition criteria that was recommended and ultimately approved? This is just a friendly reminder that “persons who currently or have previously worked in law enforcement be excluded from the advisory committee…”

We’re thinking that applications will start being distributed either late May or early June. SJPC is keeping tabs on this and you know we’ll let you know when those apps get posted.

Aaaaannnnndddddd….looks like A-B-C-X-Y-Z aka Alternatives to 911 program is gonna get a new name, a name picked by the community!

We been sayin that this program needs to be re-named in order to be culturally responsive and accessible to community members. When someone’s in crisis, they ain’t thinking about wellness.

According to the report-back during that Mental Health Board meeting, a survey will be sent out for people to fill-in their suggested name for the program. Suggested names will be collected for 14 days, the suggested names will be reviewed by that Ad Hoc Workgroup of the Mental Health Board as well as Sac County Behavioral Health Services staff, then the top 5 suggested names will be sent back out to people to vote on.

Fun fact: did you know that Contra Costa County’s Health Services Department named their non-law enforcement behavioral health crisis mobile response program the Miles Hall Community Crisis Hub?

According the program's website:

The Miles Hall Crisis Hub was named for Miles Hall and in honor of the hundreds of other Contra Costans who face the challenge of a mental health incident, as well as the added jeopardy of getting the wrong help or no help at all

Think about it: we could have a Dazion Flenaugh Crisis Response Program, a Mikel McIntyre Crisis Response Program, a Gabby Nevarez or a Darell Richards or a Marshall Miles or an Antonio Thomas Crisis Response Program….for a program that will hopefully prevent there from being any more names added to that list of people of color being killed by Sacramento law enforcement while experiencing a behavioral health crisis.

As always, SJPC gots your back and we will keep you posted when that survey comes out.

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