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What's going on with City employees?

Shoutout to our Sacramento State intern, Sarah Rabanales, for her work on this write-up!

Item in question (1): 2021 Audit of City Employees’ Workforce Diversity and Salary Trends - 06/28

On June 28th the City Auditor’s department presented the Audit of City Employees’ Workforce Diversity and Salary Trends, and also addressed issues found within this audit, to the City Council. The discussion started with a unanimous vote to pass the motion first and then hear the presentation. The presentation itself consisted of two separate presentations; one by the Principal Fiscal Policy Analyst, Farishta Ahrary, who presented on the 2021 trends, and the second by Diversity and Equity Manager, Aimée Zenzele Barnes, who presented on improvements still needed.

Ahrary started off this presentation by providing background on the report, starting with the fact that this annual diversity assessment has been conducted since 2016.

The objective is to: assess the diversity of City Employees as of July 2021 as it compares to the Diversity of City of Sacramento residents, and conduct trend analyses of 2021 results compared to previous years.

Read the report here.

A summary graphic from the report can be found below.

She continued the presentation by mapping out the results of the assessment and reviewing the improvements made (see brief summary from the report below).

This presentation was then followed up by Diversity and Equity Manager Aimée Zenzele Barnes, who presented improvements needed from the diversity assessment report, and strategies used to improve these discrepancies.

Although there are many improvements noted in the first presentation, according to Barnes there are various issues in the 2021 Audit that CANNOT be overlooked.