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"Cops Should Be In Schools...They Build Trust & They Make Us Money" - Majority of TRUSD Board

Twin Rivers Unified School District came out with their upcoming budget...we still don't know where the police funds are going (June 15th Meeting).

We sent a letter on April 20th to the TRUSD Board asking for:

  1. Fixes to the 400 page police manual that we found problematic

  2. BUDGET: We want to see a pie chart of the ENTIRE TRUSD budget to understand how the $3.5 Million police budget is in relation to other services. We want to know how much cops cost per student? Why can’t these funds be used for counselors who can de-escalate and prevent situations that cops often come to AFTER the fact?

  3. What's the police to counselor ratio per student; police:student; counselor:student

  4. DATA: how many TR students are now linked with law enforcement?

  5. Is the police dept scope only for campus? Or does their jurisdiction also include the greater community? If so, what are the limits and scope? Where & how they are operating

When TRUSD came out with it's budget at the 6/15 meeting, we thought maybe there would be details about the police budget. Nada. What we got instead was:

1) throwing the word equity around but not really understanding what it means

2) TRUSD staff and former board members calling in to say how they wanted the police funded and that having cops on campus helps kids to get used to police (yuck)

3) presentation of the budget with no information on any of the documents--neither the PowerPoint or the unsearchable 100+ page PDF on where police funds are coming from. Trustee Sandoval was THE ONLY one speaking up about the lack of transparency here. She got no backup!

4) more rudeness by Chairwoman Rivas

Here's one of many problematic public comments and response from SJPC's founder Kula Koenig

Next meeting is Tuesday, June 22nd at 6:30PM. Please submit your registration for public comment by e-mailing and referencing L1 (LCAP Funding) & L6 (Proposed Budget).

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