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WATCH OUT! Reverse Discrimination Warning

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

6/10/21 Item # 6 Orchard Lane CUP (Liquor License)

During the June 10th meeting a representative of the an applicant, Daniel Savala, complained of discrimination when applying for a liquor license. The long and short of it seems that the license got approved, until the neighborhood pushed back, and the approval was revoked.

While adding more alcohol to a neighborhood that doesn’t want it, may not be an example of the discrimination we were looking to put up a fight over, the responses from some of the commissioners were pretty scary.

Savala cited the huge disparity in cannabis use permits between districts (and he’s not wrong), as proof that certain neighborhoods get preferential treatment.

A POC land professional explained that his experience has been that the commission staff uses certain discretion when dealing with affluent areas, and cites actual proof, the commission responded like this:

Angelique Ashby’s commissioner Lynn Lenzi was “highly offended” and called Savala's comments “highly, highly despicable,” she went on to reiterate that she didn’t understand why he was allowed to speak, and even went as far as to complain to the manager. (Literally)

Meanwhile Phil Pluckebaum accused Savala of “reverse-discrimination.” (the cousin of All Lives Matter)

We’re going to have to have a talk about how equity works here folx.

….Because it’s not like that.

In the future the hope is that the commission is a WHOLE LOT MORE open to criticism/discussion, willing to explain their decisions, and a WHOLE LOT LESS HOSTILE / GASLIGHTY to the struggles of marginalized groups.

Video clips of the exchange:

Savala- The Applicant's Rep



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