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This Week's Spotlight: Quin Buhs!

Quin Buhs is a 17-year-old transgender activist who blends his work into his art as a form of activism, as well as engaging in education projects, such as public speaking and writing. He strives to support the work of dismantling systems of oppression, and to begin community building to create an equitable world where all can thrive.

We asked Quin to tell us a bit about how he cares for himself while pursuing social justice work!

What does social justice mean to you?

To me, social justice is the complete restructuring of society to abolish systems of oppression, ensuring an equitable society. Social justice means ensuring the livelihood and well-being of oppressed groups, as well as justice for them, through such restructuring. Through changes both systemically and in community, to me, social justice strives to create an equitable world where all have the ability to thrive.

Why are you involved in social justice?

My identity as a trans man, my strong sense of right and wrong, and the lived experience of those close to me has culminated in a passion for social justice and a desire to ensure those close to me that are part of marginalized groups are able to live in an equitable world. The work I engage in that is social justice based brings me fulfillment and joy. I strongly believe that a radically just world is possible, and I strive to be a part of the creation of such a world.

How do you self care to keep fighting for social justice?

Engaging in activities that I love helps me refresh and have the ability to re-engage in the fight for social justice. Activities such as drawing and working on puzzles while listening to music help me regulate myself and have the ability to re-engage.

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