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The power of the Karens

Elk Grove Unified School District's March 23rd Meeting

Watch the full meeting recording here:

Public participation was ample at the March 23, 2021 Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) School Board meeting. Unfortunately, most public comments came from various Karens demanding EGUSD a) provide for five-days-a-week (not just twice-a-week) in-person schooling and b) speed up the process to re-open schools.

Before School Board Member Sean Yang closed out the meeting with a statement calling to end hate against Asians, some board members expressed interest during the open forum part of the meeting regarding the need for funds to create equitable programs that will improve outcomes for disadvantaged students and minorities on campus.

School Board Member Tony Perez repeatedly expressed interest in the need for increased funding for parent resources/parent engagement programs and equity programs in response to the District’s 2021-22 school year model presentation. But, without anyone making an actual motion to continue the discussion at a future meeting, recommendations from Perez and others to use new funding coming in from CARES and other sources to improve health equity, anti-racism, and/or anti-xenophobia programs fell by the wayside.

The School Board did manage, however, to vote to continue their discussion about opening schools five days a week rather than twice a week, to see how EGUSD might follow other districts’ implementation of in-person learning.

Clearly demands for wanting a greater focus on health equity have been overshadowed by the overwhelming demand by the public to reopen schools.

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