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Sue's Side Eye: A backhanded compliment at Asian Americans

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

You work so hard and you never're a great American

At the 7/27 Board of Supervisors Meeting, Sue Frost decided that she wanted to thank Asian Americans for not complaining and being "great Americans."

After detailing the "history" of Asian Americans in this country, she decided to lump all Asian Americans together, go innn on the model minority stereotype, and offer a hella backhanded compliment. Even sadder, none of her colleagues felt the need to say anything to correct this grossly disrespectful and racist statement.

"A higher percentage of Asian Americans attended college than any other California group and while they are so studious and diligent, they have been known to receive less pay for the same jobs, I never remember hearing them complain in my life (which is kind of a long life so far…) I hope our Asian community members know we greatly appreciate their contribution. I am excited to feature them today…thanks for being great Americans among us." - Sue Frost

Here's a clip from the video:

Here's what some folxs who saw the video had to say:

I hate model minority crap. Not only does it back handedly put down other minority groups, it devalues our voice and says “So if you do speak up and fight for what’s right, you’re not ‘good’ or you’re a ‘bad American.’”
“never complain” is a compliment after you just finish saying they don’t get equal pay? What the entire F?! She mispronounced “docile model minority that doesn’t make a stink about injustice or hold me accountable in a way that causes me discomfort”
This makes me sad & even sadder because I know my parents internalizes these very empty words & ideas of “model minority” who do not complain or rock the boat because they are just trying to survive. It hurts.
What the f&@k! Docile, well behaved, never complain “know your place”..and it spewed from her mouth with such ease.

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