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Stay involved in the fight for alternatives to policing

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

The County of Sacramento is currently in the process of developing an alternatives to 911 program, called the Wellness Call Center & Crisis Response. This post is intended to provide a heads up that the County will be hosting 3-4 community meetings surrounding the development of this program during the month of August. The goal is to launch the program in July of 2022.

The first meeting, held August 9th, involved a discussion around community resources. Participants were asked to look at the community resources listed in SacMap - linked here - and provide feedback on what resources and/or populations they thought were missing.

Some great questions were brought up at the meeting, like:

How will we make sure the Sheriff’s mental health units will not be responding to mental health calls under this new system?

How will this system coordinate with Sacramento City’s Community Response program to ensure law enforcement is not deployed?

While the folx running the meeting could not specifically answer either of those questions, they did flag them for follow-up.

It’s important to get as involved with this process as we can, we need to make sure they feel pressure to answer questions like the ones asked at this meeting! They have stated that they will consider all input given, so let’s hold them to that.

If you'd like to attend the next meeting, register here.

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