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Spotlight of the week: Andrés Ramos!

Our spotlight this week is focused on Andrés Ramos, who serves as Legislative Counsel at Public Advocates. Andrés is a political and community advocate and activist. He cares deeply about helping the disadvantaged, and works to better the circumstances of folx within his community, and within Sacramento County as a whole.

What does social justice mean to you?

Social justice is about refusing to accept injustice and fighting to make the world more fair and just for all, but especially for the people most forgotten or marginalized in our society who have the least ability to advocate and fight for themselves. I want to live in a world in which everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and thrive--not just survive.

Why are you involved in social justice?

I'm an activist because there's a lot of injustice happening in the world and I feel an obligation to try to make some positive change, even if that change is small. I think it has its roots in a few things, such as the moral values that I developed through my religious faith and my family's experience. Before my mom's generation, most of my family lived in poverty and lacked reliable access to healthcare, education, and other resources. I'm so fortunate to live a better life because of the struggles of those who came before me and I feel that I have an obligation to help others achieve a better life with the same opportunities that I have been lucky to access.

How do you self care to keep fighting for social justice?

Taking time off from activism is a necessity. There are so many righteous battles going on all the time and you can easily wear yourself out if you don't step aside and unplug every so often. I like to go on day trips with my partner. We sometimes travel to the Delta, the Bay Area, or other areas around Sacramento where we can try new food or get out into nature. These fun little trips help me feel refreshed and recharged for the next battle.

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