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Showcasing The County Public Comment Baddies!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Superstar callers of public comment from the County's budget hearings get the spotlight.

Read on for the superstars' comments combined into this 10-minute clip.Or you can listen to the callers in snippets via the clips below.

Commenter: Rose [this commenter’s nice tone while reading the f**k outta them is bae]

Notable quotes:

“Yes! I made it through!” [cuz legit, that deserves a holler!]
“The Sheriff Dept has a motto, it’s ‘service with concern’...concern for whom?”
“If people have a place to live and a place to poop, guess what? You don’t have to spend thousands on clean up”
“Take the sheriff up on his offer and reallocate the fund.”

Commenter: Sonia Lewis Notable quote:

“When bad things happen under Scott Jones’ watch, where does that money come from?”

Commenter: [The caller who came ready]

Notable quotes:

“The safest communities don’t have the most cuts, they have the most resources”
“Absolutely disgraceful you let that racist sham [Jones’ presentation] continue.”

Commenter: Ana?

Notable quotes:

“Put money into prevention instead of punitive violence.”
“Police do not solve crime. They literally come after the fact.”
“We break the cycle by caring about people. Not by creating a dystopian military police state.”
“Oh, and Nav Gil blatantly lies”

Commenter: Michelle Wright

Notable quotes:

Scott Jones’ presentation of random headlines of crime is “very laughable.”
“This is 2020. Data driven decision making is a standard.” [or should be!]

Commenter: Courtney Hanson [Connecting all the dots]

Notable quotes:

“He’s [Scott Jones] insulting your intelligence.”
“Scott Jones is comfortable with body cams now because 5 years have passed since this reform became popular and now we have data proving they are completely ineffective.”
“You are part of a defund movement, whichever way you go.”
“You can either defund our life affirming services or you can make a dent in the Sheriff’s bloated budget.”

Commenter: Felisa Conception

Notable quotes:

“It’s your choice to decide if you want to continue to fund traditional public safety that obviously isn’t working or invest in services that prevent and help us recover from crime.”
“Scott Jones’ presentation was made up of Facebook clickbait and the People’s Budget presentation was made up of data from a survey of over 2,000 people.”

Commenter: Mercedes Parker [who was just tired and over it yall]

Notable quotes:

"Make those investments now cuz if you don’t you’re going to have to pay for it later.”
“Period. Point. Blank. Goodnight.”

And that’s all she wrote…

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