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Sneaky Sue's, Sneaky Resolution at Jan. 26 BOS Meeting

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Not a damn near one of her colleagues supported her racist resolution.

Don’t know whose, “Healthy Communities” Chair Sue Frost (District 4) was talking about with her Item #31 Resolution on the Consent agenda but it certainly wasn’t ours!

First, some definitions...

A consent item - These are things on the agenda that will not be discussed but voted on at the beginning all at once. Push Point: These items should be non-controversial since they will not be discussed. Case in point, Sure Frost’s crap resolutions.

A resolution - This is an expression of agreement of consensus by a government body on matters of public policy either in support or critique of an issue. Resolutions can be passed for administrative purposes although in general they are not laws and can be seen in some scenarios as a more performative or symbolic act.

And this one from Frosty certainly was a performance for her base and has earned her a new nickname to add to the list: Sneaky Sue.

At its core this resolution called for BOS members to sign on to a statement that ignored state and county health advisories, manipulates the opening and closing of neighborhoods by zip code, and opens schools without delay no matter what the risks to teachers, students and community members.

It stated, “The Resolution before your Board highlights three important approaches that together should begin to address hardships caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic:
1. That our county is best served by an ability to respond locally to the COVID-19 virus in accordance with our local data and circumstances.
2. That our county is geographically diverse and ill-suited for the countywide restrictions imposed by the Blueprint, and the State should enable our COVID-19 response to be tailored to geographically separate areas, such as different zip codes, as circumstances and case levels warrant.
3. That school districts in our jurisdiction are urged to safely open all schools as soon as possible and provide in-person instruction to the greatest extent possible without further delay.

Frosty Sue clearly took this opportunity (in only her second meeting at the helm) as Chair to recognize the hardships of the sole body she seems interested in protecting-businesses.

What about the rest of us Sue?

This resolution was a stumbling attack on the expertise of local Public Health Officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye and the state scientists and medical professionals, who wrote the safety protocol boundaries for our community during this pandemic. It sure seems like Superspreader Sue was making another attempt to go rogue and discount the authority of the countless health officials (that actually have science degrees) who crafted the California state, “Blueprint for a Safer Economy”.

This isn’t a new stance for Frosty Sue- as reported at the last board meeting, Sue participated in a 3-day conference that was organized in the face of public health recommendations to the contrary.

Check out the resolution for yourself, not only did she have the gall to call for empirical evidence, but then not even cite any herself. She additionally doubles up on that caucasity by calling out the influence of special interest groups (Who us? The people?) when in fact this resolution is a hot mess of special interest influence as noted by Supervisor Kennedy.

Kennedy also called out the race baiting notion of breaking down the opening of regions of the county by zip code without considering the reality of people's movement which is routinely outside of one's zipcode on the daily. And why is she even entering into the conversation about schools opening? That’s SCOE’s purview along with Superintendent Dave Gordon and the Board of Education. STAY IN YOUR LANE SUE!

Thankfully, all the Supervisors came to their senses on this one and voted a resounding no on the resolution giving Superspreader Sue a proper smackdown.

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