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Side Eye- Trustee Bob Bastian Displays Blatant Racism; Is Angry Because We Keep "Living In the Past"

Updated: May 2, 2021

Trustee Bastian also said "We all bleed the same" and let it be known that he doesn't think he should be on the board anymore.

We provide time stamps and video clips for you in case you want to reference Trustee Bastain's comments. The meeting can be found here. Here's the sequence of events a the Twin Rivers Board of Supervisors meeting on 4/20 that led to this side eye:

Trustee Bastian: (2:29:16) References SJPC's letter and that he talked to Dr. Martinez to consider our request for data on the actions of TRUSD. "This woman [that would be founder Kula Koenig] informs that we are not very transparent, I think we are..." goes on to talk about how in the parks there are cars with no license and "many many drugs and those drugs are impacting our kids. I also have something else to say...It saddens me that tonight's speakers was all about Grant and Twin Rivers police....Give them [cops] some respect." Talks about how cops were only moving cars that were illegally parked. Then asks Superintendent to give a report on cops doing.

Trustee Sandoval: [Takes some umbrage to this] These cars were not illegally parked. People were being pulled over on the freeway. It was not good for our community.

Trustee Jefferson: Bob, I love you but the things the Twin Rivers Police was doing to our community it wasn't made up. Our community still has PTSD because of the Twin Rivers Police Dept. They harmed our community. So when you make comments that you don't believe that things happened, I know it happened cuz I was there. I do think they need to report out.

Trustee Sandoval echoes the harm that the Twin Rivers police has done.

It troubles me that I just heard trustee Bastian's comments. they are not supposed to be patrolling our neighborhoods 24-7.

Trustee Rivas want's the conversation to end and says "we are getting on topic". No we're not!

Trustee Sandoval: brings up that this is the day of the Derek Chauvin trial verdict and wants to read a statement and Bob Bastian screams "Oh my God" in frustration that we dare talk about cops killing Black people

after comments by Elkarra and Jefferson supporting Sandoval's recognition of the Derek Chauvin trail Bastian has had enough:

Trustee Bastian: I uh, it's been a very interesting meeting tonight. I am not sure what I am doing on this board. I am not living in the past. Twin Rivers Police corrected all their deficiencies. When I drive through Del Paso heights, I see all the memorials of the shootings going on and we have tried to correct it. And Steve, I'll take back what I said about reporting on the Twin Rivers police. I am not sure I'm wanted here. Have a nice day.

So get this. He's mad because we are talking about cops killing Black people. So he no longer wants the Police to report back on what they are doing in the Twin Rivers Community?

He gotta go! We need better for our kids in Twin Rivers Unified.

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