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Side Eye- The Caucasity of CM Angelique Ashby

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Shaking our collective heads

Councilmember Ashby makes it public knowledge that she and Chief Hahn are long time friends. I mean she did work hard to give him his job….but is anyone else surprised that the self proclaimed bestie of Chief Hahn is also the only council member who regularly cites that she ONLY gets calls asking for more police presence?

Read on or watch the video summary:

Ashby knows what a Black man working in one of the most racist industries around expects from his job, and according to her it’s not having to denounce the very system that his job was built around. While the rest of the community is mourning the loss of human life and public trust in law enforcement.

Ashby is heartbroken that her Black Chief has to defend his stance on white supremacy. Apparently she didn’t realize that the color of your skin does not make you immune from upholding oppressive systems. Maybe she hasn’t heard of Ben Carson, Stacey Dash, or David Clarke. On the one year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, several callers uplifted his name in their public comments. Some also mentioned that over 1000 people have been killed in the US by Law enforcement since then, over 200 during traffic stops.

This did not slow Ashby down in her demands for more police-led traffic control in her district. But at least, as Ashby pointed out, she encourages everyone in her district, “regardless of their position” on the police budget, to call in by very neutrally saying, “For those of you who reach out to our office often requesting additional... officers in the neighborhood, faster response or traffic enforcement this is your time to call in...There are folks, both on the city council and in the community who are calling for reductions in police staffing and budgets...their exact ask is to reduce the police budget by $30 million” on her social media account.

Ya, that's not neutrality. While she claims her constituents are most worried about people driving too fast, the rest of us are praying we don’t have another community member lost or traumatized by our unfair policing culture.

Ashby could do a little less tokenizing of Black folx, a bit more honesty, and a lot more concern for human life over property. In remembrance of those murdered by police during traffic stops:

Daunte Wright, Philando Castile, Walter Scott, Sam DuBose,

and the over 200 others since the death of George Floyd one year ago.

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