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Side-eye: Sue Frost (again)

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Just when you didn't think she could get any colder, Frosty Sue strikes again!

On Tuesday, November 16, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors (BOS) near-unanimously passed a resolution declaring what the rest of us have known for decades (centuries, really): Racism is a Public Health Crisis.

Proposed by Supervisor and current Board Chair Phil Serna, the resolution simply serves as an acknowledgement that our County does not pay enough attention to racial inequity in outcomes across the board, from health to criminal justice to education and beyond. The resolution allocated no resources, and doesn't really commit the County to much, beyond

Despite the fact that there was essentially no political risk to any board member who supported the resolution, Sue Frost stood alone as the sole objection, casting a "no" vote, but only after she delivered a lukewarm speech about the lack of existence of racism in the United States and in the County.

An hour and fifty five minutes into the meeting, Frost states that "over time, one of [her] priorities has been cultural diversity and cultural integration," and goes on to say that "this is work that we should have been doing for decades," so there was some hope that perhaps her heart would thaw long enough to move forward on such a straightforward reso - I mean, she even went so far as to call racism "unfortunate!" But alas, the word "crisis" and the mere thought of using any resources whatsoever to combat said crisis got the best of ol' Frosty.

Ever the optimists, however, yall we hope to leverage this bone-chilling incident as an invitation to folx in County District Four: y'all think hard about who we could lift up and support in 2024, 'cause it's time to warm that pocket of Sac up with a lit candidate! ya dig?

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