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Side-eye: Sue Frost

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Y'all! Winter has come and it is in the name of County Supervisor Sue Frost...

Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost

From voting against a nine-week temporary ban on evictions in November to inciting violence in a social media post targeting constituents protesting the shooting of unarmed Kenosha, WI resident Jacob Blake, Sue really is frosty when it comes to the needs and rights of those outside her inner circle of real estate moguls and sheriffs deputies.

But we don't need to tell you about Sue Frost. Sue speaks for herself. Read on for a few gems from the August 19 Board of Supervisor's meeting that focused specifically on allocating CARES Act funding from the federal government, for COVID relief. This special meeting was called because County Executive Nav Gil decided to give 85% of the CARES Act funding to law enforcement and 2% to public health.

When the public was in outrage, Chair Phil Serna called a special meeting. Sue didn't seem to care about $$$ going to cops in a pandemic instead of public fact she don't even know why we're having this meeting...

We've included the text below or this video compilation of her frostiness.

"I don't know why we're here today..." (1:34:07). Luckily, Supervisor Serna was able to explain it to her a few moments later (1:38:50).

"But we can go to Lowe's, and we can go to other places, and that's not much different..." in response to Dr. Olivia Kasirye's in-depth explanation about the complexities of reopening schools safely (1:17:09).

"It seems like you did an amazing job through this whole pandemic..." to County Executive Nav Gill, following colleague Don Nottoli's inquiry about the abrupt end of mobile COVID testing for vulnerable populations in July (1:33:52). Frost's sentiments were refuted by two Board members with concerns about Gill's transparency (1:35:22).

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