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Side Eye Alert: What's Eating Howard Chan?

What’s eating Howard Chan? In 2018 when Howard Chan was appointed as interim city manager he seemed qualified. Degree in business administration, 14 years of city service, and a history in law (parking) enforcement. When he bragged that he “brought a private-sector mentality to the city of Sacramento,” we should’ve started to worry. The problem is the private sector is worried about an individuals money first, while the city should be worried about putting people/community first. Well they say hindsight is 20/20, but we all probably could’ve seen this one coming. In January 2021 his action (or inaction) contributed to the death of 4 community members experiencing homelessness during “The Night Of Terror.” He hasn’t fired any of the officers who’ve killed people in Sacramento - And boasts about there being “no time line” for investigating police misconduct. After a summer of anti police corruption protests showed up all over town, including his front door, he proposed the city's highest-ever police budget of $165.8 million. ….and he just received a 21% raise meaning we’re now paying him $372,700.

After his comments about “maybe” making the same decision to keep the warming centers closed that killed 4 people, it comes as little surprise that he’s in the media again for his utter lack of regard for human life. This time it’s his emails. Shout out to Voices of River City who was able to get these emails and shared them.

When the private sector complains about their eyeballs being assaulted (and their wallets being affected) by having to see people experiencing homelessness and mental health crises on the street- Howard encourages them to complain to their local councilmembers and ask for more “enforcement”....and we all know what that means.

Howard Chan has a lot of power. He's not using it in the interest of the most vulnerable.

As weather conditions continue to reach all time extremes, what does the community have to do to convince Howard Chan to treat our most vulnerable community members at least ½ as well as he treats law enforcement?

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