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SHRA Mid Year Budget Buzz

The Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA) was created to ensure the ongoing development of affordable housing and to continuously fuel community redevelopment projects in the city and county of Sacramento.

Their mission is to revitalize communities, provide affordable housing opportunities and to serve as the Housing Authority for the City and County of Sacramento.

SHRA- Adopted the same estimated revenues from 2020 for 2021 only expenses that were estimated for change in 2021 are the known salary and benefit increases.

Susana Jackson the Chief Financial Officer for SHRA explained that the estimated budget grew significantly due to either new programs that were in process prior to COVID or a direct result of the COVID -19 Pandemic to provide new funding for those in need. The programs that had a significant impact on the budget include Emergency Housing Voucher, Rental Assistance and W/ X Shelters.

Which led to revenue increasing by 72% based on the funding from local, state and federal sources.

The additional expenses for these programs are currently being recognized as revenue in the budget yet there is an increase by approximately 59 percent from what was originally estimated in the prior year. Jackson mentioned again that increases are due to either new programs that were in process prior to COVID or new sources directly related to the Pandemic.

However, based on this information the SHRA anticipates spending a minimum of 65 percent on the budgets funds received later or earlier this year on Emergency Housing Vouches, Rental Assistance Programs in addition to the W/X Shelter is in the process of beginning operations this year.

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