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Sac City's slow climate-justice progress

For 350 Sacramento's update on climate actions at the County level, follow this link.

*all content regarding the Council meeting and next steps has been provided by 350 Sacramento (a local grassroots climate-action organization - website linked here)

At the Sac City Council meeting on 4/26 City staff presented the Quarterly Climate Update - see text from meeting agenda (agenda linked here) below for context:

The City’s priority climate efforts were established in the 2021 Climate Implementation Work Plan (Work Plan) and refined based on progress in 2021, as presented to City Council on February 8, 2022, in the 2022 work program.

Part of the Work Plan includes the "Climate Action Plan" (CAP) - which focuses on developing long-term policies for meeting the City's climate goals. 350 Sacramento provided the following report-back from the discussion around the City's CAP:

There were no direct asks or action items presented at this meeting. The staff report basically was: the CAP is delayed until summer and the City has workshops planned for electrification, future meetings on potential transportation funding, etc. Some transportation projects are in the initial funding stages, no grants are being written and funds have not been allocated from the City.

Some comments from members of the Council:

Jeff Harris: thought Council could be more supportive of the CAP and invest in projects that will have the biggest impacts.

Valenzuela: stressed that we shouldn't prioritize individual projects, but wait for the CAP to give us a strategy that encompasses equity, climate, and economic development.

Steinberg: agreed that we should start considering climate action as economic development, and mused on a couple financing options (looking at current public works funds, EIFD, bonds). He also directed Howard Chan (City Manager) to bring back information that would answer the question: "what would it take to do $75-80 million in needed local matching funds for transportation projects?". Chan agreed to return with that info but stated that he couldn't in good conscience recommend this funding given projected budget deficits.

Upcoming budget discussion:

The first Budget and Audit Committee meeting on the proposed budget is Friday, May 6. It appears that $630,000 of Measure U funds have been proposed for "climate action". This is the smallest funding amount of all projects from Measure U. Also, there is no mention of environmental justice or the Environmental Justice Collaborative Governance Committee within the proposal.

This is a good opportunity to turn out calls, letters and public support for increasing funding for climate-related actions and projects!

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