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Sac City's Comprehensive Plan for Addressing Homelessness

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

A high level overview on this item from the 3/16 Meeting

The Comprehensive Plan will be voted on in June

*the term "master" has been subsequently changed to "comprehensive"

What is it?

The plan details the sites that we will need to reduce the numbers of unsheltered people in different parts of the City. These are pre-approved sites to create roofs, beds and spaces for people.

This comprehensive plan will look at permanent supportive housing, formal shelters, overnight drop in and day time triage, tiny homes, safe parking, motel and hotel conversions i.e. project Homekey and Roomkey and safe camping (not adjacent to businesses and neighborhoods).

What Happened?

There was unanimous support from the Council on the Guiding Principles and Work Plan (see screen shots below)

  1. Received councilmember updates from ongoing district-level community engagement efforts; CM Vang brought up the need to engage schools and the County for this to be successful!

  2. Reviewed and discussed draft Guiding Principles and Good Neighbor Policies; and

  3. Passed Motion No. 2021-0066 approving the City Council Schedule & Work Program Outline as amended.

    1. Struck 4/6/21 workshop and added 4/27/21 workshop

There are going to be workshops in April and May so if you live in the City and care about this issue, be sure to attend!

(Snap shot of the subcommittee that will be developing the Good Neighbor Policy)

Bottom line:

This is a pretty big deal for Sacramento to address our housing crisis in an equitable way. Definitely talk to your Councilmember and attend one of the workshops above before they adopt this plan in June.

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