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Redistricting....What exactly is going on?

(special from Tamie Dramer, Executive Director of Organize Sacramento)

Every 10 years, after the U.S. Census, all of our states, counties, cities, school districts, etc. must re-establish their district boundaries. All these new districts must be balanced in population & other demographics. Redistricting, or the redrawing of district lines, is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to ensure fair representation of all residents at the local level. Redistricting helps determine whether communities have a voice in city and county governments and directly impacts the pipeline for future leaders at the state and federal level. To ensure that communities are meaningfully represented by their local governments and that elected officials reflect the full diversity of California’s population, it is crucial that local governments create a redistricting process that is as fair, transparent, and accessible as possible, especially for historically underrepresented communities.

The Sacramento Redistricting Coalition is forming to ensure that the community has a say in the way our district boundaries are redrawn. We need you to join us to help reach out into the community and educate our friends and neighbors on how they can get involved in their community's re-mapping efforts!

Watch the recording of our May 4th, Sacramento Redistricting Coalition Zoom launch when introduced our coalition partners, talked with special guest, former Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo and had a great Redistricting 101 presentation by Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

Want to join us in this important work? Please complete our Community Redistricting Coalition organizational survey here:

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