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Pandemic recovery with a racial equity lens!

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

California COVID Justice (CCJ) is led by Public Health Advocates and a steering committee of 9 brilliant women who are relentless in fighting for social justice and racial equity. They focus on 3 BIG Rs they identified as a group: RECOVERY, RESPONSE, AND REPAIR. That means helping communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, respond to health and economic disparities, and repair the damage of systemic racism and oppression.

CCJ has been giving input on bills in the legislature that would advance these goals, forming plans to prioritize racial equity in future state funding, and getting the word out to communities about the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

California’s cities and counties are getting $16 BILLION in flexible dollars, and CCJ wants that money to go to communities and the community-based organizations that meet communities’ greatest needs – NOT sheriff’s department salaries.

You already know from Sacramento’s use of CARES Act dollars that police budgets are the first place relief dollars go under the status quo.

Email your County Board Supervisors and ask how they are ensuring the equitable use of ARPA funding in Sacramento. Are they finding out what communities need, or are they relying on the big accounting firm Deloitte to make the recommendations?

CCJ would love to have your support in building this movement!

Join the conversation and share messages with your networks at critical moments. To help with recovery, response, and repair, sign up here to join the email list. Questions? Email CCJ Policy Director April Jean at

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