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OIG - will the position be filled?

Shoutout to our Sacramento State intern, Sarah Rabanales, for her work on this write-up!

What we're talking about today: Office Of Inspector General (OIG) Recruitment And Selection Of Community Review Commission Panelists To Participate In Interview With OIG Candidates

*this is a County position

The Community Review Commission came together on June 30th 2022 to discuss and determine which Commissioners will participate as panelists for interviewing candidates to fill the position of Office of Inspector General (OIG).

According to Commissioner Khaim Morton, the responsibility to interview candidates for this position was given to the Community Review Commission by Board of Supervisors Chair, Don Nottoli.

According to the OIG page, this position has been vacant since February of 2022, which is a bit concerning because (also according the website) the OIG is responsible for

ensur[ing] the integrity of the citizen complaint process for all misconduct complaints regarding employees of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office

Aside from the OIG page on the Sacramento County website, there isn’t much information about the job description for this position.

According to what was stated in the meeting, the interview for OIG took place July 28th and there were four candidates for the panel to interview. The panel elected was: Paul Curtis, Khaim Morton, Odette Crawford, and Theresa Riviera. Before the meeting ended members also discussed some of the logistics around this interview. As explained by Sacramento staff members, Commissioners were welcome to submit questions to be asked during the interview as long as they were submitted by end of day, July 6th.

Although information about the interview is available to the public, the actual interview is closed and does not allow for any observers to sit in. Lastly, information about the candidates is not released to the panelists until the day of the interview.

The Office of Inspector General has a vitally important role in holding the Sheriff’s Office accountable, and the process through which they are being selected is seriously lacking in transparency. Not to mention, the fact that the post has been vacant for so long is totally unacceptable, and signals that the Board of Supervisors does not place a high priority on holding law enforcement accountable for their mistreatment of the community.

We have been unable to find any information about the results of the interview or updates about next steps. So, not great in terms of transparency. Stay tuned for more news!

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