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Oh Lolo-hee Didn’t

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

District 2 is not a fan of affordable housing

When District 2 Council member Sean Loloee said he wasn’t a fan of affordable housing, the Sacramento internet almost broke. Loloee is arguably VERY out of touch with the wide variety of needs of Sacramento residents. He owns several Viva supermarkets in Sacramento, and pulls almost $100,000 a year as a council member. A lot of people have been up in arms that any city official would say that out loud while residents are dying in the streets without housing. But those who’ve been listening to Loloee may feel like this is totally within his character. Is it because he tried to sue an employee who spoke out against his labor exploitation?

Maybe because he claims that white supremacists and the activists that oppose them are both equally despicable and disgusting? Could it be because he supported more 1/2 million dollar+ homes being developed close to his grocery story, over the affordable housing that was needed?

Or is it because he uses his experience as an immigrant of being in a place where police gun down peaceful protestors, to justify bad behavior by the Sac PD?

The list really goes on:

In spite of the fact that here in Sacramento, and nationwide, Black and Brown folx are statically more likely to be arrested, incarcerated, and abused by law enforcement, Loloee feels it is unfair to cops to call out the obvious systemic racism within policing. When the equity bus brought Black and brown owned cannabis businesses to his district, he said - Don’t stop here!

Since the media finally caught wind of his callous ways he’s been on better behavior. Now he loves affordable housing.

It’s the responsibility of political officials to represent their whole district, not just the parts that line their pockets, in actions and in words.

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