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Natomas Unified School District Recap

Here's your quick recap of what happened at NUSD meeting on 2/24

Thanks to Krystal Pickett for sharing what went down.

(We need more social justice minded eyes on our school boards, sign up for a school board in your area and tell us what happened)

On February 24, the Natomas School Board held a meeting discussing subjects such as opening a K-12 virtual academy, strategies to combat learning disruption and consent items that need approval.

The budget set for the K-12 virtual academy will be 2.2 million. This option will provide a great deal of flexibility for families whose students have physical limitations or chronic illnesses. The virtual academy can also better accommodate families with different learning strategies for their children. In the meeting the board addressed the learning disruption concerns relevant to equal opportunity and meeting students individual needs.

Social justice concerns regarding the virtual academy is the selection process of students. How will they be selected and what is the criteria to ensure this is equitable and fair. Thus far, only zoom calls and survey have been shared as strategies to engage stakeholders. More Zoom meetings for parents and students are scheduled for April 21 at 6 p.m., May 5 at 7 p.m. See NUSD website for more details.

Consent items included membership in the California School Board Association that provides policy resources and trainings to school board officials. Resolution No 21-7 was carried recognizing February as African American History month. Addendum No1 2021-22 MOU between NUSD and the Natomas Teacher's Association was ratified. Addendums to Day camps which included mixing of cohorts and addressed limited space issues was carried as well. Finally, funding for the health clinic at Fong Ranch Road (Natomas High School) was approved. More information is need on what services they will offer, pay scale, and fiscal impacts to community.

NUSD board meetings take place on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month.

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