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Money and Microaggressions at the SCUSD

Quick Summary of the 6/10/21 SCUSD Board Meeting:

  • The Board announced that due to the influx of funds from the Federal Government and the State that they will run a surplus, rather than a deficit. They announced clearly that the District is in no continued threat of financial takeover in the near future.

  • Staff want that money to be invested in student services and into recruiting and retaining front-line staff. District leadership wants to continue adding money to the reserves, and also spending more on legal services and administration. The District states that despite the influx of one-time and COVID funds, that there is still a long-term structural deficit projected. SCTA pointed out that that is the case on paper, but in 9 of the 10 last years, the District has projected deficits, and actually run surpluses.

  • School staff announced they had taken an overwhelming vote of no confidence in Superintendent Jorge Aguilar for lack of leadership. Teachers expressed anger & sadness at the lack of appropriate District Wifi & technology, financial mismanagement, and lack of leadership.

  • The Board also took public input on how they will spend the money detailed in the Local County Accountability Plan. At the next meeting on June 24th, the Board will decide how to prioritize and invest millions of dollars.

  • During public comment, one of our black teachers, Ingrid Hutchinson, called out ongoing microaggessions toward Board Member Lavinia Grace. African American Task Force leaders also expressed discontent with the fact that their letter about the letting go of two top Instructional Area Superintendents went unanswered for weeks.

Quote from the meeting:

"During the pandemic, it felt like we were in a vast sea with a tempest approaching and I’m treading water trying to get our kids to safety. The district is on a ship going by. Instead of help, they send a bucket brigade to pour water on my head. As the waves settle, I see thousands just like me. Thousands of us treading water and clutching boats with children huddled on board. All you need to do is reach out a hand, but you didn’t. We needed a captain and you were nowhere to be found." Karen Hall Sandlin (teacher & parent in SCUSD)

Next meeting will be June 24th at SCUSD headquarters

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