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Let's talk about the sweeps of those who are unhoused

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

the who, the what, and the hells

Our former spotlight Crystal Sanchez goes hard for the unhoused. So we want to share her call to action and highlight the points she made in a recent Facebook post & video .

There are some key points from her request of Sacramento County Public Health Dept:

First: We have grave concerns that not everybody is being properly protected during this pandemic. Our unhoused at this current time are facing covid-19, the flu, botulism, cold wet weather, no shelter, or protection from the elements and are inappropriately being dispersed throughout this town without proper real-time resources of housing and shelter

Second: Over the past few weeks there have been multiple police interactions and sweeps and sweeps looming on the horizon. 5101 Stockton Boulevard is a lot with a private property owner named Mark Harmon. He has requested that folks be removed from this property. Considering these requests, we have immediately reached out to our councilman, the community Response Team, the police department, we have obtained all kinds of documentation and yet these groups of people continue to point the finger at each other instead of creating solutions.

Third: Mark Harmon in a meeting gave the city of Sacramento elected official Eric Guerra 6 months to accommodate finding a place for these folks to go. Eric Guerra and the community response team have not provided any type of resourcing. In fact, they have relied on advocates while giving us the most minimal resources... The only people with the access to the only shelter available which is the Meadowview shelter was the police department.

Fourth: We cannot get anyone in project room key, and it is backlogged with lists of those waiting to get in with no avail. The impact team has been out daily telling the unhoused that they need to get off the lot giving them nowhere to go, because the fact of the matter is there is nowhere to go. With this being said we ask that the unhoused be put in hotels under the definition of shelter in place which is to find a safe location indoors in the case of an emergency and stay there until you are given the "all clear."

The Requests:

1. Place the 100+ people located at 5101 Stockton Blvd. and the 30 + people that were displaced and all their belongings taken yesterday at 47th and Stockton Blvd.

2. Immediately require that the county and the City open warming centers

3. Keep shelters open

4. Instead of closing camps, provide resources that make it safer such as restrooms, handwashing facilities, hand sanitizer

Ultimately: unsheltered people in Sacramento need to be moved indoors immediately for their health and wellbeing.

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