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If You're Gonna Get Into Trouble...

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Let it be the good kind.

Social Justice Spotlight: You Know Who It Is!

This week the nation laid to rest the Honorable John Robert Lewis.

Many of us cried (some like babies) during the funeral. Some of us clutched our pillows. Some of us threw our hands up and cursed 2020 for its innumerable “gifts”.

Whatever you're feeling, here are three things John Lewis taught us:

  1. Focus. Focus. & Focus. When you focus, you can slowly wear down the institutions of injustice. But you have to focus.

  2. Remain steadfast: through broken bones, bleeding heads, and burning lungs. “Do what you will with us, but we will wear you down” he said.

  3. Lose all sense of fear. When you lose all sense of fear, you are free

John Lewis said he got a concussion so the conscience of the country can be awakened. This man did. the. and risked EVERYTHANG.

If John Lewis did it…with less resources, technology, attention, sympathy, comfort than we have now,.. WHAT CAN’T WE DO?

The best way to honor this incredible man, is to keep on pushing for the social justice he gave his life for. Even as we scream, cry, feel disheartened…we gotta keep getting into that GUUUUD TROUBLE.

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