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Housing round-up

Hello to all you beautiful SJPC readers! This post will cover a few miscellaneous items regarding housing in both Sac City and County from the last month. Read away!

Sac City Council meeting - 4/12/22 - 2p

Item 2 - agenda linked here - Approving additional funds for the Vista Nueva Homekey project. This North Natomas housing site has been converted from the former Staybridge Hotel; it has 110+ units for families with at least one child that are experiencing homelessness.

(rendering of Vista Nueva housing development pictured below)

Quick reminder of what the Homekey Program is (text taken from item's supporting doc - linked here):

The Homekey Program provides funding to cities, counties, and other local entities, including housing authorities to convert motels, hotels, and other non-residential structures into permanent supportive housing and/or transitional housing for the State’s homeless population.

Bad news - the move-in date for this housing project has been postponed. Folx had been expecting to move in next month, but due to building inspection and regulation violations, more construction is needed. All the windows must be updated to egress to function as emergency exits, the fire alarm system must be upgraded to current code, and staff is proposing and expansion of the laundry room.

To make these changes staff requested an additional $683,750; Council approved the increased funding. We will continue to monitor the progress of this housing development.

Sac City Council 4/12 - 5p

Item 9: Comprehensive Siting Plan

What happened?

Ryan Moore (Director of Sac City Public Works) introduced an update to the City's Comprehensive Siting Plan. In August of 2021 Mayor Steinberg and City Council approved the Comprehensive Siting Plan to be able to provide space (20 in total) for various shelters for people experiencing homelessness (learn more about the sites by clicking here). The purpose of this report was

Found below are the new site proposals:

1. Joshua's House - proposed hospice care site for folx experiencing homelessness

2. Miller Parking Site- Safe Ground site with capacity for approximately 60 tents

3. Auburn Blvd Service Hub- administrative space for Hope Cooperative

4.North 5th Street Shelter- Wellspace to operate an interim care program for individuals experiencing homelessness that are not ill enough to remain in hospital

5.Downtown Service Hub

6. Colfax Yard- safe parking

7.Roseville Road RT Station- safe parking zone for 60 vehicles

8. Job Corp site (Meadowview)

Following the cash:

During the presentation, Danielle Foster (Sac City's Housing Policy Manager) and her team reported that there is currently a $33 million gap in the housing budget needed for these projects. Foster reported that she and her team are working very hard to repurpose the gap for the coming year.

Why is this important?

It's important that we keep monitoring the development of these projects so that we can put pressure on the City to allocate the necessary funding to them. In the same vein, we need to hold the City accountable for follow-through on the completion of these projects.

Sac BOS 4/12

Item 46: Approve Additional Project Recommendations For Housing And Homeless Projects In Phase One Of The American Rescue Plan Act

What was this item all about?

On November 2, 2021, the Board of Supervisors approved three Strategic Investments for the Phase One Funding Allocation across top priority issue areas, as follows: Housing and Homelessness: housing and support for people experiencing homelessness, affordable housing (text pulled from item agenda doc - linked here)

You can check out all the project recommendations at the agenda link here. Below you can find two funding recs that were discussed during the meeting:

The Salvation Army: will provide 24/7 staffing, food, laundry, case management and re-housing supports for up to 60 adults

The Coordinated Community Access System: managed by Sacramento Steps Forward with the goal of expanding ways to receive easier access to shelter, as well as supporting people in exiting homelessness

Important quote from Supervisor Desmond:

The County does not do a good job to explain the resources we provide in terms off addressing the homelessness crisis

Was there a vote?

The proposal was passed unanimously, meaning all additional projects recommendations were approved.

Why is this important?

We need to continue to apply pressure to members of the BOS to ensure that appropriate funding is allocated for housing projects, that the projects being invested in are grounded in social justice principles, and that they are implemented and run with transparency.

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