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Homeland Security Grant Program

Since at least 2015, the County has been taking advantage of the federal Homeland Security Grant from the State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSGP).

The SHSGP program was established in 2002 following the 9/11 terrorist acts in the U.S. The funding is federal, appropriated by Congress each year, administered by the Department of Homeland Security and passed through to states and then to Counties to administer. The purpose of SHSGP funding is to support state and local efforts to

prevent terrorism and other catastrophic events.

The FFY 2022 Homeland Security Grant Program for Sacramento County is estimated to be $1,604,710. The SHSGP program state guidelines require review and approval of each project by an Approval Authority. The State requires a minimum of a 4/5ths vote approving the projects submitted. The Approval Authority consists of state mandated positions, as follows: 1. County Law Agency – Sheriff’s Department- Erik Maness, Undersheriff 2. Municipal Law Agency –Folsom Police Department, Rick Hillman, Chief 3. County Fire Agency–Sacramento Metropolitan Fire – Todd Harms, Chief 4. Municipal Fire Agency –Sacramento City Fire – Gary Loesch, Chief 5. County Public Health Officer – Dr. Olivia Kasirye

The Approval Authority will meet in November 2022 to vote on the 2022 SHSGP projects.

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