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Homeland security grant

Big thanks to Robert Gonzalez for this detailed write-up! If you want to know more about Robert check out his info here.

Let's talk about Homeland Security Grants...yay?

Meeting in question: 5/31 Sac City Council

Item in question:

Item 6 - Recommendation for City Council: to authorize $230,000 in grant funding from the State Homeland Security Grant Program (agenda doc linked here)

The State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSGP) is a pool of money funded by the California and Federal governments for cities to use to protect against, prevent, respond to, and recover from terrorist acts.


The resolution was brought forward to the City Council by the Sacramento City Fire Department, and asked them to adopt a resolution authorizing the total grant award of $230,550 to purchase an Unmanned Maritime System and hazmat protection monitors. The Fire Department sees this funding as a critical stepping stone to enhancing their communication, Emergency medical response, and hazmat programs.