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Group gun violence & Supe show-stopping comments

At the 5/24/22 Board of Supes meeting the Board received a report on gun violence from the Public Safety and Justice team.

The presentation kicks off 5hr and 30minutes into the meeting with a retired cop introducing the main point of the presentation: how we need Community Engagement and Partnerships, including Community Trust-Building Efforts with all systems (law enforcement, government) in order to interrupt and prevent “group gun violence”.

This presentation essentially took place to talk about increased rates of gun violence both locally and throughout the nation, and to push for involving more community engagement in terms of gun violence prevention and intervention as we move forward.

The purpose of this post is mostly to feature some truly amazing contributions to the conversation from our ever-eloquent supervisors.

Please find featured in the clip below:

  • Sue Frost not knowing what building community’s trust in the government means

  • Sue Frost asking about how can she racial profile now that gang members don’t stick to wearing blue and red

  • Philly Serna asking why we can’t just use Scared Straight on all the gang bangers & also how we must not forget the Black Child Legacy Campaign when we focus on Gang Violence

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