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Gill's Gotta Go! Hallelujer, We got some momentum!

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

On November 3rd, tell Supervisors Nottoli & Peters that "Gill's Gotta Go!" Event here.

SJPC has been chronicling Nav Gill's blatant attempts to thwart social justice since our first publication in July. From his bromance with Sheriff Scott Jones, the scandal behind his giving CARES Act money meant to address the pandemic to the sheriff instead of public health, to a litany of requests from the public for him to resign...

Apparently, the straw that broke the preverbal camel's back was him convening a meeting with his staff and not wearing a mask. That's when Supervisors Serna and Kennedy officially called for this resignation. hallelujer! Nav doesn't plan to go as he told the Bee. But if more of his bosses say so, he aint got no choice.

We just need TWO more supervisors for Nav to go. On Tuesday, November 3rd call in to (916) 875-2500 and make a comment for an off agenda item calling for Nav's resignation. You can also e-mail your comments to the Board at Include meeting date and agenda item number or off-agenda item.

Want to watch with others? Join our watch party!


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